Modernisation of Perutnina Ptuj's Cooling System

Published 13. 11. 2017
Modernisation of Perutnina Ptuj's Cooling System

A new project was added to Geoplin’s activities for end-users of energy from food industry. Namely, Geoplin concluded an agreement for energy contracting with Perutnina Ptuj Mesna Industrija Zalog. The project comprises the modernisation of the existing glycol cooling system in the end-customer’s meat product establishment. The terms of reference were based on the case study and measurements of cooling production. Based on the data obtained it can be estimated that the end-user’s consumption of electricity for cooling will be nearly halved by using new, modern cooling technology enabled by the cooling power unit for the same level of cooling production. According to the agreement for energy contracting, the end-user’s investment in new, modern equipment will be repaid in the seven years’ contracting period.

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